One Stitch

One Stitch is a rather preposterous project that I (J. Argyl Plath) have taken upon myself. In the end—if I persevere—I will have completed a needlepoint tapestry with over 3.5 million stitches at a density of 32 stitches per inch. This site chronicles the progress I'm making.


12,080 of 3,575,871 stitches (0.33782%) completed

[preview is approximately 1/10th of life-size]

Click preview to view simulation. Once inside the simluation, you can click to zoom in (centering on click point) or double-click to zoom out. Note that currently both this preview and the simulation take some time to load. This will only get worse as more stitches are entered, but at this time I really can't be buggered about it.